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I'm an expert in Product Management and User Experience Design processes. I help companies build the capabilities, processes and teams to design and develop successful digital products. As a design-driven product leader and mobile industry veteran, I’ve launched hundreds of digital products around the world, and consulted dozens of startups in bringing new product ideas to market.



Why work with me?

  • Deep international experience spanning a wide range of industries, cultures and disciplines.

  • An original product development approach that draws on two decades of experience in digital media.

  • A trusted advisor and protector of your investment, ensuring not to over-engineer or under-engineer your solution to the problem.

  • I have helped companies around the world build the capabilities, processes and teams to develop successful products.

What others have to say



Hi Derrick, thank you very much for your good wishes and as well your contributions to Asista with one of our best skills as the TRT World Flashbriefing application. You and your team are really ahead with your projects and high vision.
Bilgen Gulsen Turkay, Senior Specialist Innovation Projects, Arcelik Group

Derrick has a lot of insight to offer and grasped how media could work effectively in voice much earlier than most others.
Bret Kinsella, Editor,

@derrickfountain, found this podcast featuring your work on Voice Assistants/audio news. Very inspiring!
Aubrey O'Neal, Journalism Fellow, UT Austin


Based on the feedback – (the attendees) really loved the workshop, and are eager to put into practice what they've learned from you.
Valer Kot, MDIF, Czech Republic

I also want to thank you for your excellent presentation, it really helped us as a media company to better understand the role of product manager. And specifically, for us who still hasn't had a product manager yet, it's just a really right push to get one. Once again, thanks for the knowledge you've shared with us.
Anisa Widyasari, Hukum Online, Indonesia

It was a real pleasure to be at your workshop and to learn something new. I must say I got a kind of helicopter view and it definitely helps me to understand the whole product we create.
Andy Samofalov,, Ukraine

I had the opportunity to listen to your presentations at Agora on Monday and Tuesday. They were impressive - huge amount of knowledge and practice put in very structured way.
Tomasz Bienias, Agora, Poland


I've worked for Derrick on a couple of projects on enabling citizen journalism platforms in Kenya and Ghana and it was a great pleasure. Not only Derrick is very easy to work with and a nice person, but he is really visionary on how to expand the way news channel can get new sources of information from the field. All in one, only a great experience.
Stephane Boyera, Consultant, World Wide Web Foundation


Derrick brought great dedication to any project we were working on. Whether it was in the middle of the night and a client needed something or middle of the day, he prioritized accordingly based on the best interests for the client and the company. I would highly recommend Derrick for any team as he will always bring incredible dedication and hard work to any team he is a part of.
Thomas Heitz, Business Development, W3i/NativeX

Derrick made many friends while at W3i. He leverages strong relationship building skills effectively as a Product Manager along with a rare blend of technology, design, and marketing talent. Derrick has a high level of accountability and is someone I always trusted.
Ryan Weber, VP of Corporate Strategy, W3i/NativeX

I have known and worked with Derrick during his post at W3i Mobile Solutions, where he was a Product Manager and I am a contractor for Business Development. He is an exceptionally talented business leader, a skilled communicator and one of the smartest minds I ́ve met in the mobile industry. The respect he holds in the mobile ecosystem is a testament to his hard work. Derrick is both a true executive and a great person to work with. It has been always my pleasure to work alongside and learn from him. I would highly recommend Derrick for any position within a digital / mobile company.
Stefan Bielau, Business Development EMEA, W3i/NativeX

I had the pleasure of working with Derrick as we launched and supported multiple mobile verticals for W3i's mobile business. Derrick is a tenacious product manager who utilizes both quantitative and qualitative analysis to help guide product decisions. He is market driven and has an great comprehension for effective usability through design. Derrick was a pleasure to work with and I hope that one day we'll be able to work together again in the future.
Matt Tubergen, Recharge Studios - Product Management, W3i/NativeX

Derrick is a strategic thinker able to easily translate his vision to a variety of formats to engage and create buy in. He is an intelligent, passionate, and articulate person who was a real joy to work with. Derrick will be an asset for any company.
Lisa Nistler, VP of Sales & Marketing, W3i/NativeX

Derrick is an excellent Product Manager to work with. He is excellent at both managing products and doing business analyst work. He is very good at doing market research and then turning that into a viable product. The best part about working with Derrick from my perspective is that he understand technology and technical lingo. It is very easy to talk specific technical and functional details with him. If anyone ever has a chance to hire Derrick Fountain do not hesitate to bring him onto your team, he is a very valuable and unique resource.
Jeff Smoley, Software Architect, W3i/NativeX

I worked with Derrick as a fellow Product Manager at W3i. While working with him, I was able to gain an appreciation for how truly talented he is. Derrick is able to build effective work relationships quickly, has a strategic/visionary mind and exemplary business acumen. It was a pleasure to work with Derrick when I did and would not hesitate in the chance to work with him in the future. He is a sure asset to any team.
Eric Montag, Product Management Team Lead, W3i/NativeX


It has been a pleasure working with you Derrick. You are very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to company's web presence. Your timeliness, promptness and self-starting attitude has really helped us during our project roll out. Appreciate the help.
Tanvir Rahman, Business Analyst, The Toro Company

Derrick's reputation within our department was extremely positive and I was disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to work with him directly. One example of comments I heard about him: Derrick's ideas are great and we should get out of his way and let him make them happen.
Amanda Sandford, Associate Business Analyst, The Toro Company

Derrick was a pleasure to work with during his time with The Toro Company. He has deep experience in the area of interactive marketing and social media, and was a go-to for many people in the organization who valued his insights and perspectives. We worked together on a few projects and I always had great appreciation for the value he brought to the discussion.
Branden Happel, Manager, Public Relations, The Toro Company

Derrick worked with us on Toro's web site. We never met in person as all our contact was either by telephone or email. Therefore being able to help and support us in an efficient manner was very important to us. He never let us down. Derrick is a broad-minded, energetic and result driven person. He understands very complex matters outside our direct area of expertise but still manages to make them clear to us. He is an efficient, innovative and proactive professional.
Jonathan Nater, Owner, Wessex Translations Ltd,

Derrick jumped in on the Toro websites to make some positive changes needed. Was very helpful in getting some specific sites launched for the irrigation group.
Vana Ankeny, Marketing Communications Manager - Irrigation, The Toro Company

Derrick provided a high level of expertise within the interactive arena here at Toro. He proved himself a valuable employee by meeting deadlines, actively participated in meetings/brainstorming and staying informed on current web trends. His mind is an analytical machine which is an asset to any team. Derrick will truly be missed here at Toro.
Ellen Bensman, eBusiness Project Manager, The Toro Companyib


I've worked with Derrick on product and have been amazed at his knowledge and foresight into the mobile space. You can see that for yourself at
Cuong Tran, Ruby on Rails Consultant, Internet Broadcasting/LAKANA

Derrick and I launched in Q308 with the goal of providing our sales organization a trackable lead gen tool to highlight Internet Broadcasting’s core product offerings. The launch was the culmination of an intense and hardworking 8 week period for the team leading up to a highly successful tradeshow where the web site was highlighted. Derrick’s proven product marketing expertise and dedication to success would be an asset to any organization. I’m very sorry to see him go and hope that our careers cross paths in the future.
Jill Hooper, Director of Product Marketing, Internet Broadcasting/LAKANA

Working with Derrick over the last year, I have seen his ability to manage multiple projects first hand. He is always aware of the relevant issues and is able to keep track of all moving parts at once. Coordinating several mobile launches with him, his skills were invaluable, and ensured a smooth transistion for both parties. For these reasons, I am sure he would make a great manager for any project or team.
Nick Smolney, Senior Project Manager, Crisp Wireless

I always enjoyed working with Derrick on a project. He's hard-working, organized, detail-oriented, and always has a positive contribution to make.
TJ Kudalis, Senior Multimedia Engineer, Internet Broadcasting/LAKANA

Derrick has great programming chops, and would regularly outwork and outdress me. His diligence and attention to detail was much appreciated.
Eric Iverson, Web Developer, Internet Broadcasting/LAKANA

One of the many benefits of attending networking events is meeting talented individuals like Derrick Fountain. I met Derrick at a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) event in 2007, and right away I asked him to be a guest speaker for the Twin Cities Web Design & Standards (TCWDS) Meetup group. Derrick presented a fabulous presentation that both captivated and educated the TCWDS members about the future of the mobile web by demonstrating some of his own mobile web experiments. He also had stimulating questions and commentary when attending other speaker's presentations. Derrick's extensive knowledge and passion for the evolution of mobile technology makes him a true mobile innovator.
Annie Picken, Production Manager, ArcStone Technologies

I recently engaged Derrick as a generalist expert in the Mobile to advise me on trends and best practices. Derrick is a {sorry, pun intended) veritable fountain of information - he has been following and cataloguing the space for years, which is immediately apparent through the library of research he's accumulated on his personal site Through my research efforts so far, Derrick has provided me with the most comprehensive and best packaged information and context so far. I came away with specific recommendations, a much more cohesive view of how my product might best succeed in the space, and a list of follow up fact-finding steps and possible partnerships to investigate. I highly recommend Derrick should you be in need of Mobile strategy/consultation services.
Dan Leeds, was Derrick's client

Derrick has done an excellent job presenting to the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group. He is very knowledgable in mobile Web applications and shared some valuable technical insights with our group. I greatly appreciate his willingness to help others in the CF community learn new things.
Troy Pullis, Adobe UG Manager, Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group


Derrick Fountain's work at Schipul included some very visible and large projects which he managed and completed successfully. Derrick was extremely adept at handling client communications, completing tasks as well as delegating work to other teams. I highly recommend Derrick and wish him the best in all future endeavors.
Javier Avellan, Business Development & Partner, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Derrick was a pleasure to work with as the web developer for Schipul; there were countless times I called on him for assistance with HPRA eblasts and he was always very attentive and helpful.
Alyssa Gothelf, was Derrick's client

Derrick is one of the hardest working, well-read and knowledge-hungry people that I have ever worked with. As a newcomer to the Web graphics team at Schipul several years back, I always knew I could count on Derrick for support and training even during the busiest project deadline weeks. It's always inspiring to work with passionate people and Derrick is about as passionate as they get. His ability to articulate even the most complex technologies and theoretical concepts made him a valuable co-worker, as well as an always-interesting office mate. I appreciate the time I had working with Derrick and still use his handy tips and tricks on video and graphics work to this day.
Katie Laird, Communications Coordinator, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Derrick hit the ground running when he joined our company and was quickly promoted to handle one of our top 5 clients. And they loved working with him! My experience with Derrick was that he had a very healthy amount of creativity. And was willing to share that information about the latest mobile device or web tech with the entire team. Yet Derrick also had the discipline to push forward with billable time and project completions as a project manager. He possesses an amazing balance between work ethic, intelligence and curiosity and would be an asset to any company he works with. And oh ya, he is great fun to work with given a somewhat unique sense of humor. It’d be an honor to work with him again. All good.
Ed Schipul, CEO, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Derrick is a fantastically engaged and knowledgeable person. He is always positive, helpful and assured in his communications. One of his characteristics that has always made working with him pleasurable is that he follows up with outstanding issues, and knows when to get outside opinions and insight. His competence and kindness mark him as a fantastic teammate on any project. I miss working with him very much now that his career has taken him in new directions, but would be pleased to work with him in the future.
Suzanne Carter, Web Manager, Web Analytics Association

Derrick Fountain is one of the most enthusiastic and savvy employees I have ever worked with. He is genuinely interested in the job that he does, he is organized and creative, his clients were always happy, and he understands technology above and beyond what was required in his role (which, from the perspective of a programmer was very, very refreshing). If I ever had the opportunity to work with Derrick again I would absolutely be inclined to do so; and I would encourage anyone with that opportunity to engage Derrick on a project.
Kathryn Ciaralli, Senior Programmer, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company