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If you want to move fast and execute on new product ideas, get in touch. I can help bring any mobile or web app idea to market, leveraging two decades of experience in digital media spanning a wide range of industries and disciplines. This gives me a unique perspective in helping companies and brands define, validate and execute on their digital strategy. 


Product Strategy

A solid product strategy that answers why a product or service is needed in the market is the foundation upon which great experiences are built. Using a storytelling format, concept ideas are generated and mapped as user flows. Key product strategy deliverables can include a product brief, high-level requirements, and a design document.


Outsourced Development

Strategic outsourced software development allows brands and companies to focus internal development resources on core products while using external resources to run parallel tracks to execute on special projects.  Key deliverables can include  application builds, development roadmap, sprint plans, high-level QA test plan and execution results,  and application packaging and release.


Product Design

Product design and user experience are strategic competitive advantages for any modern company. Rooted in a deep understanding of the market and user, research insights and concept ideas are transferred into concrete designs for target platforms.  Final deliverables can include an interactive design prototype  for client review, a detailed UI specification document and graphical assets for implementation.