living in a drag and drop world

There is a growing need for a seamless bridge between those who constantly publish new text information on the web and the growing number of users with mobile audio devices such as iPods and mp3-players.

This insight combined with extensive research lead to the birth of SyndOut.  SyndOut stands for "syndicate out" and is a product geared towards publishers and owners of branded news portals.  Today these organizations make their information accessible through websites, RSS feeds, and in some cases also as embeddable content widgets. Most people don’t have the time to read all this information and have difficulty picking out the relevant parts from the massive amounts of generated content.

In my research, I have come to find that most people have some time per day to listen.  People have time to shift an audio version of a piece of information from a website to a portable device and access it while they are driving, traveling, exercising or doing work around the house.