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Selected works from recent years are included below. My LinkedIn recommendations and professional bio also tell the story of my award-winning work spanning two decades.  As a global product leader with deep international experience, I've led the design, development and launch of products for low-end handsets in emerging markets all the way up to high bandwidth interactive second screen experiences for mature markets.




Lexy is a smart agent that helps you discover and listen to interesting audio content in a format that is as natural as a phone conversation with a friend.


Howlak means "around you" in Arabic.  Howlak is a location-based restaurant ratings and opinions app that uses visual ratings and short opinion polls to help expats and locals discover and decide where to eat next. The app searches autonomously as you move around the city. The latest version of the app introduces gamification through loyalty points and some hardware magic that provides users with a frictionless way to redeem points at select partner restaurants.

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Listening App for Al Jazeera America

This was an experimental tablet app that leveraged audio fingerprinting technology from Audible Magic and dynamic real-time closed captioning topic extraction from Boxfish to deliver an innovative working prototype of a unique TV companion app experience.  The app listens and extract topics in realtime from a television programme. The Listening App allowed users to watch any mainstream news programme and have the app magically surface original Al Jazeera America content related to the same topics being spoken.

Derrick Fountain Al Jazeera America Webby Awards

Al Jazeera Media Network Apps

With a focus on Read, Watch, Browse, and Personalize, the network apps launched on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices for channels across the network. The UX strategy focused on building an extensible design framework that could easily adapt to various languages without much effort, thus increasing the speed to market of launching new apps such as Al Jazeera Balkans in record time.

The Stream Second Screen App

The Stream app was the first interactive Live TV companion app at Al Jazeera. Start the app at any time to explore The Stream's content and take part in the show's ongoing discussion.

When The Stream was live on air, users tap Sync to jump into the live experience. During the experience, users are pushed additional information about the current topic in real-time with opportunities to participate in the discussion.

Voices Project in Ghana & Kenya

Launched through a grant awarded to the Worldwide Web Foundation and local NGOs, the Voices project explored the potential of voice technology in connecting Al Jazeera with users of low-end mobile devices in developing countries. The core part of the project was the design and deployment of a voice-based service in Kenya and Ghana to cover the Presidential Elections in those countries.

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Derrick Fountain offerwall native advertising platform

Virtual currency rewards & native ad platform

The virtual currency rewards platform gave app publishers an opportunity to generate revenue and drive their virtual goods transactions in a branded offer wall experience. The solution also provided advertisers with powerful insights and control of their marketing campaigns through sophisticated campaign dashboards.

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Apperang app advertising platform

Apperang was launched in 2010 and featured in TechCrunch as a pay-per-install platform to solve the app discovery problem for developers. 15 developers were signed up at launch. Notable apps included Booyah’s MyTownFlixter’s Movies app, and Slacker Radio.

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