Lexy is an introduction to the spoken future. She is a smart agent that helps you discover and listen to interesting audio content in a format that is as natural as a phone conversation with a friend.

Howlak Technologies

howlak app

Howlak means "around you" in Arabic.  Howlak is a location-based restaurant rating, opinion, and rewards app that uses visual ratings and short opinion polls to help expats and locals discover and decide where to eat next.


Eagle Falcon Shirtmakers

At Eagle Falcon Shirtmakers, we are engineering the world's most confident dress shirts. We combine Arab and American couture fashion and culture into handmade dress shirts that exude power and confidence.


SyndOut Publishing Platform

SyndOut was invented in 2004 to explore the multi-platform future of publishing. It made the experience of publishing, viewing, and moving content across a variety of platforms near frictionless and was the first publishing platform designed to run completely in a mobile phone browser.